Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We are getting a new bathroom (finally)! We moved into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment about 2 months ago (although we only ever used one of the bathrooms since the other was gross). The 2nd bathroom, which is right across from our bedroom and I had planned on using as our main bathroom, was absolutley disgusting when we moved in. No amount of scrubbing could get rid of the mold. Several weeks ago we got the good news that our landlord authorized a complete redo of the bathroom and it started yesterday. In about a week, we should have a brand new bathroom. That is if the workers don't kill themselves in the process.

Since Fredo works from home, he has to listen to the noise and the workers all day long. I do not envy him. When I got home yesterday from the doctor (another story but the visit resulted in a lovely new accessory), Fredo showed me where the saw came through his office wall (that is shared with the bathroom). How the workers did not realize they were drilling through the wall kind of baffles me but, judging by the other work that has been done around the apartment, does not surprise me. (Fredo showed someone the giant gash in the wall this morning and the guy acted surprised). They also brought in the new tub yesterday... and then stood around it in the kitchen for a half hour discussing who knows what.

Fredo is not working from home today so there won't be any good renovation stories from today, at least not until I get home and see what actually got done. Hopefully there are no new holes in the walls where there are not supposed to be holes.

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