Thursday, July 24, 2008

31 Weeks

Apparently, I will be counting down the next 9 weeks here on "I'm not saying...".

31 weeks knocked up today. I am starting to feel more run down, a little more uncomfortable. I did decide last night while trying to reach my feet that it is only pedicures at nail salons for me from here until the baby comes. Bending at the waist (waist? what waist?) is getting more and more difficult every day. When I lay on the couch, I need to have Fredo help me because I've become like an overturned turtle.

I guess I should really get moving on all the final preparations for this kid. We're still waiting for our crib to be delivered (the website keeps saying the crib will be arriving in 2-6 weeks so we can wait a little bit longer, but if there's no update in 2 weeks or so we may need to choose a new crib). I swear I will finally unpack the final box from our move (almost 3 months ago) this weekend and work on making the baby's room Peanut's room and less the storage room.

We are ahead of the curve in some respects. We have our stroller (which I think is so cool and can't wait to use), car seat (still not installed but that can wait until Sept.), most of the furniture for Peanut's room and clothes-TONS of clothes!

I should also start working on getting the things I was holding off getting until I got closer, like diapers and nursing gowns and stuff.

As I love to make lists, I think I'll just start a running list of things we need to get and do. My baby shower is in 3 weeks so I can always reassess after that.

What are some things that I might not think of that I won't be able to live without?


Marianne said...

My goodness, I can not imagine being that pregnant in the summer. How are you doing? I'd totally be hugging the A/C.

CaraBee said...

I totally feel you! My daughter was born Oct. 14, so I was hugely pregnant during the hottest months of the year. Ugh. You deserve pedicures!

One recommendation: I wore, and continue to wear, nursing tanks that I got at Target. They're comfortable, great for nursing and inexpensive ($16-$17). I took them to the hospital and wore them the whole time.