Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I See Doctors

I see a lot of doctors. Lately I feel like all I do is go to the doctor.

I used to be pretty low maintenance. I used to go to the lady parts doctor and see a dermatologist every so often because I have eczema (lovely right?). Oh and the dentist twice a year. Nothing excessive.

Then I got pregnant. What I think is hilarious is that, all things considered, I've had a pretty easy pregnancy. I had no morning sickness, aside from being pretty tired all of the time I felt pretty good in my first trimester. My blood pressure has been normal, there's been no bed rest or anything unusual for me. Things were going pretty well and I was considering myself pretty lucky.

And then the wheels fell off. I have been slowly falling apart ever since.

A couple of months ago, I started having really bad back pain. It started pretty suddenly on a Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning I could barely walk. I was in so much pain at work that by 9 am, I had decided that I was either going to get a prenatal massage or go to a chiropractor, who ever could see me first. Luckily I got in to see a chiropractor that evening. I found out that, for the most part, my back had fallen out of place. I went to the chiropractor every night that week and just about once a week since. The upside to this is that I get a prenatal massage every time and my insurance pays for it.

Of course there are the obligatory baby doctor visits. As I get closer to my due date, my visits are getting more frequent. I'm fine with these since they're obviously important and I get to leave work early for them. I just wished my doctor was in the office on Friday afternoons.

To add on to the chiropractor and baby doctor's appointments, I have recently begun visiting a podiatrist for what turned out to be a stress fracture in my foot. My foot started to hurt a few weeks ago and after 5 days of the pain getting worse, I chose going to a podiatrist over waiting in the emergency room after work that day. The doctor can't take an x-ray because of the baby so we are treating it without the x-ray. I have been wearing a lovely boot on left foot for a week and will be continuing to wear it for another 2.

I swear, I almost asked my doctor to put me on bed rest so that I stop injuring myself.

Yesterday I had 2 appointments. Today I have another. My goal for next week is to not see a doctor. I don't know if I will be that lucky though.

I was told the other day that I have a good attitude about all of my injuries and ailments. I figure, at this point, all I can do it laugh.

About 10 more weeks until my due date. I have already injured my back and left foot. Should we start a pool as to what it will be next? My money's on the right arm to balance out the boot on my left foot.

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CaraBee said...

I made it through my pregnancy with few troubles, you know, other than the weight gain and bloating and nausea and sleeplessnes and peeing 357 times a day, on top of just plain general discomfort, but nothing to send me to the doctor.

Keep your chin up, the good news is that it will be over soon and then you'll have that wonderful new baby.