Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Back!

I disappeared there for a few days but I'm back now.

Fredo and I took off for a (way too short) vacation with my family. My mother and her fiance rented a house in Door County, WI for a week so we went up with them and enjoyed some country air for a few days. My mother, her fiance, his 8 year old son, my grandmother, Fredo, myself and 3 dogs took off for Wisconsin and Fredo and I returned to Chicago (after stopping at the outlet mall and buying more clothes for our unborn child) yesterday. It was no Blogher but it was fun.

After a few days of the dogs playing (fighting), my grandmother yelling at them and the 8 year old wearing out my husband, it was nice to get home. A few days in the country was very nice but I'm a total city girl and I missed the concrete jungle.

So I'm back and will even post twice today to make up for my absence. Carabee tagged me for a meme so I will post again later.

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