Monday, July 14, 2008

Two in One Day!

Amazing. Two posts in one day!

I'm still at work but thought it was a good idea to mention (not sure that I need to mention since I don't think most people would do this), but please please please NEVER refer to yourself as "daddy" at work (really ever, unless you are an actual father who is referring to himself to his child).

I work with a guy who constantly refers to himself as "Daddy", ie "Daddy's phone is ringing" or, while picking up the phone to speak to actual customers, "This is Daddy". Needless to say, this is creepy and oh so disgusting.

Only 9 more weeks until maternity leave.

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CaraBee said...

Just wait until you're a mommy. You'll be amazed how often you call yourself that. It gets a little ridiculous. It's lucky that I don't work because I am quite certain that I would be referring to myself that way in totally inappropriate situations all the time. However, if you don't have kids, it's super creepy.

I did a post on the calling yourself mommy bit once: