Monday, July 7, 2008


(I said Meh. M-E-H).

I didn't think I would run out of things to blog about so quickly. The weekend was nice but uneventful. It's always tough to go back to work after a long weekend but work was fine today. The baby is doing fine, kicking up a storm but nothing new to report.

I find out what the Dr. wants to do about my foot tomorrow. It was feeling better but I may have walked too much this weekend because the throbbing and aching is back. I just want to get the wrap off because it is gross and uncomfortable and my heel is working it's way right through it.

Friday will be exciting as it is I-phone day (hubby's anniversary present to me) and it's Fredo's 30th birthday! We have very low key plans for the big day but I am looking forward to giving Fredo his presents. I can't say what they are since he is the only one who reads this blog (hi honey!) but I will say that his 2 presents are both things that he has mentioned wanting at some point in the past year (hmmm....vague) and he will have something to actually unwrap (he only got to open an envelope for the big 1 year anniversary). Maybe, if I can think up more vague hints, I will drop a hint a day here and see if he can figure out what I got him.

I just realized I don't have a book to read on my train ride home. I hope someone gives me their seat.

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