Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's the Day

Well today is one of the days. I go back to the foot doctor this afternoon. Since I can't get x-rays, we're taking a "trial and error" approach. Basically, the day of my appointments I'm supposed to walk around without the boot on to see how my foot feels.

The last time I had an appointment I walked the 10 minutes from the train to the office without the boot and was in a lot of pain by the time I reached my office. Today, I've been walking around the office sans boot and I feel pretty good. There's been a slight amount of aching today but no big deal. I'm hoping my progress will be enough that tomorrow I will be able to wear a pair of shoes that match, not just one and a boot.

I head to the doctor in a few hours to find out.

The great thing about this doctor is the appointment is only ever about 15 minutes. I'll leave work at 4:00 and I could very possibly be home an hour later.

In other news, this weekend I felt like we were finally getting our apartment completely settled. Our landlord is pretty cool in that he lets us do whatever we want to the apartment. We're allowed to paint, basically do whatever we want. In our last place (also owned by our current landlord) we got so fed up with the bathroom medicine cabinet shelves falling down that we just took it upon ourselves to replace the medicine cabinet and our landlord was fine with it. Actually, he must have liked it since there is the same medicine cabinet hanging in our newly rehabbed "master" bathroom.

This past weekend we got some shower shelves and a new shower head for the new bathroom. I also finally unpacked the last box and put everything away. Short of finishing the baby's room (we're still waiting on some furniture and the bed linens), I felt like we were making real progress in turning our apartment into a home for our growing family.

And then last night, the toilet in our front bathroom overflowed and broke. Poor Fredo. I thought he was going to call our landlord right then and tell him we were moving. I have a feeling we'll be replacing toilets this weekend.

Ah, does the fun ever end?

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CaraBee said...

Isn't it a good feeling to get that unpacking stuff out of the way. I used to love my biweekly OB/GYN appointments because I would schedule them for 2 or 3 and almost always be home in time to watch Oprah, a rare treat.