Thursday, July 17, 2008

30 Weeks

I am 30 weeks pregnant today, which means 10 more weeks until my due date. That's not a lot of time. It feels like the past 30 weeks have gone by pretty fast but at the same time, I think the next 10 weeks will drag.

There's still so much to do before Sept. 25. We have to do practical things, like pack the hospital bag, call the insurance company, go to the classes and the not so practical things that feel very necessary to me, like frame the picture for the baby's room (the first thing I bought for the baby, by the way). I have started a list of things today that I'm sure will get longer rather than shorter as the next 10 weeks progress.

This is the first year I want to summer to hurry up and end (which I'm sure I will regret in February) but I'm really excited and I want our baby girl to be here.

It seems like every day I'm looking at the calendar counting down to the couple of trips we're taking, to my baby shower, to maternity leave starting and finally to my due date. I just can't wait.


CaraBee said...

I had a boatload of things left to do when the baby arrived. I scheduled my last day of work for the Friday before my due date (a Tuesday) thinking that I would at least have the weekend to get my stuff together. Ha. My water broke that night. If you don't get all the stuff done, I promise, it isn't a big deal. Our baby didn't start sleeping in her room until she was 4 months, so I had plenty of time to finish the nursery.

Fluffy Windover said...

Ugh, don't remind me of all the crap we have not done! When are you starting your maternity leave? I'm trying to decide what to do about that. I might work from home the week before my due date, if they will let me. I wish there was some way to predict the date. I guess this is why so many women schedule inductions?