Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Boot is Gone!

I had my podiatrist appointment yesterday and he declared me healed enough to stop wearing the boot. To celebrate, I'm wearing shoes that match and capri pants (I was staying away from capris before since the boot really threw off the look).

Of course I still need to take it easy to avoid reinjuring my foot but in my condition, I'm not going to be running any marathons anytime soon.

After my appointment, I got on the bus to go home. The bus was crowded as it usually is in the afternoon. I got on to the bus and bus driver reminded me to hold on. The reminder was pretty unnecessary on his part but his concern was appreciated. Then he told me he was going to find me a seat. And he did. He yelled, "Gentlemen, we have an expectant mother standing in the front of the bus. Will someone please give her their seat?". That worked exceptionally well. A nice man stood up to give me his seat. As he did, another guy swooped in to take it. I thought the passengers were going to beat him up but he quickly realized what was going on and asked me if I wanted to sit. I was so impressed with this bus driver and his concern that I emailed the Chicago Transit Authority as soon as I got home commending him. I figured they probably get all sorts of complaints that they might like to hear how thoughtful one of their drivers was. I wish every bus driver in the city was like him.

When I got home, the UPS guy delivered the bookshelf for the baby's room. We put that together and rearranged the furniture as best we could since we're still missing the crib. We should have that soon though. We cancelled the order for the crib that was on backorder and got a different one. We should have that by next week.

Later, we had a big thunderstorm in Chicago. It started around 9:30 pm and was pretty powerful. So powerful, in fact, that Fredo came into our room around 10 to tell me we had a leak. Water was dripping from the light fixture in the "new" bathroom. So of our two bathrooms, one has a non working toilet and the other has a bucket in the middle of the floor collecting water dripping from the ceiling. Sweet. The rain and subsequent leak didn't take too long to stop and the building manager and contractor were notified this morning.

Maybe tomorrow's post will not make mention of something in my apartment falling apart. But then what would I post about?

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CaraBee said...

I miss that people being nice to me while I was pregnant thing. That bus driver went above and beyond, though. Good for you for sending an email to commend him!