Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a Quick Hi

We've made it to Minnesota. We actually drove up Saturday but just got our Internet (and TV) hooked up today.

So far, we've gone to Target once, Home Depot thrice, ditto the swings. We've painted 5 rooms, with 3 to go.

Tonight we'll probably take a trip to the Container Store followed by dinner at Five Guys.

Our furniture is getting delivered tomorrow, so the unpacking will commence soon.

A more detailed post will follow but I wanted to let you know I made it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy, Busy

I've been on hiatus. And I'm back...sort of.

There is just so much to do that I haven't found the time or energy to blog. We've been packing like crazy (the movers come Thursday, yikes!) and went on vacation for a week. Sometime during all of this craziness Ava decided that, like, the funnest thing EVER is just to screech at the top of her lungs for no reason. Guess who is driving the car with the car seat in it for 6 hours to Minnesota on Saturday starting at 5 am. So yeah, totally looking forward to that.

Here's my run down for the next few days. Packing, visiting my grandma, visiting with friends and having one last playdate (well two more actually, the last one is on Friday and includes mimosas and bloodies...love my friends). We'll be staying with my mom on Thursday and Friday and trying to meet up with some friends we missed last weekend. And we're getting up at 4 am to drive to Minnesota on Saturday.

Which means, no Blogher festivities for me. I'm not going to the actual conference but was planning on trying to make it to the parties (that is so like me) but no dice. Maybe next year.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Just In... Moving SUCKS!

I've been so busy the past couple of weeks packing, packing and more packing. I've been trying to see friends that I probably won't see before we leave and just getting ready to get out of Dodge.

We go on vacation for a full week on Saturday which seemed like a great idea at the time until we decided to move an entire year earlier than planned. Now Ava and I get back from vacation and move less than a week later.

So, yeah, I've been a little stressed out.

To make matters worse, they (and I'm not really sure who "they" are, the management company? An outside agency?) started showing our apartment this week which is all well and good, except that they didn't have our phone number written down correctly so when they called to tell us they were coming by, they were leaving messages for someone who was not us. Imagine our surprise when we decided to go for a walk one day and came home to random people leaving our apartment. And then I walked into our bedroom and saw no less than 3 of my bras out in the open, including one that had been hanging from the door knob to dry. That same day, our doorbell rang as I was fixing Ava's dinner (I hid my undergarments before we answered the door) and we had to delay bedtime by 15 minutes so that another group could come tour the place. I think it's rented already though because people have come by to look at the apartment downstairs and not this one.

So there's a very brief update as to whats been going on. I'm off to pack more....

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Sometimes I enter Ava in those "Beautiful Babies" contests. Today is one of those times.

Please vote early and often, in true Chicago style, for my daughter!

**Update: Yeah, the link they gave me was garbage. Thanks for trying though!**