Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lay Off Me, I'm Pregnant!

I hate that so many people are either completely unconscious to what's going on around them or just too wrapped up in their own shit to care about other people. I admit sometimes I'm not totally aware of what's going on around me but I try to be considerate of others. Lately, I get the feeling that I am in the minority.

This has been bugging me since the beginning of the week. I take buses and trains to and from work everyday. Since I started showing, I have had a good run of people giving me their seats on the train. I readily accept them. My theory is when you are pregnant, you are a little bit handicapped. My balance sucks now and when the train goes around the curves, I have to hold on tightly to the handrails or else I could go flying. No one wants to see a pregnant chick go ass over tea kettle on the train. Admittedly, I have been milking the whole pregnancy thing to get seats on the train and it's totally been working... until now...

One evening last week, I got on a crowded train and watched people try not to look at me. I guess they figure if they see me, they have to acknowledge me by giving up their seats. So no one looked at me. My stomach was really starting to hurt (the doctor said it could be my gall bladder... hmm, okay...) and I must have looked uncomfortable because finally, the guy who was so important he had to be on his laptop the whole way offered me his seat, which was nice of him and I totally appreciated the offer... except that I was one stop away from mine and had been standing in front of him and others for 6 stops previous.

Last night, I was on the same train going home although this time in addition to the 6 months pregnant belly, I also have a wrapped foot and an orthopedic boot thing on my foot (doctor says it could be a stress fracture, I say let me sit down asshole). This time, no one offered me a seat for several stops. At first, I was understanding. I jumped on a very crowded train after all. Maybe no one saw me. And then the train started to empty and I know people saw me. A few stops after the one I got on at, a man got up to get off the train. I bee lined for his seat...and some other woman took it. I was a little pissed but someone else quickly offered their seat so I cooled off... until I saw that woman get off at the next stop. There is no excuse for that. If you are getting off at the next stop, then just stand. The stop is about 2 minutes from the other one. I fumed the rest of the way home. Luckily my husband gave me a ride this morning, but there is another commute in my near future.

The moral of the story is if you are in Chicago, on the train or bus and you see a pregnant lady with a bum foot, it is in your best interest to get the eff out of my way!

And to all the nice people who give me their seats, thank you very much! I do really appreciate it.

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