Friday, August 29, 2008


Tomorrow we're traveling to the most romantic city in the world. Any guesses? That's right, we're going to Cincinnati.

We're driving out to Cincy early tomorrow morning to go to the Reds-Giants game. Fredo has been a San Francisco Giants fan for a long time so for our first anniversary, his paper gift was tickets to the game. We'll be staying near the ballpark tomorrow night and will make our way back to Chicago Sunday. It's a whirlwind baseball adventure.

I'm really excited for the trip, despite the 10 hours or so we will spend in the car over the next 2 days. We'll be leaving early tomorrow morning and stopping at Sonic in Lafayette, IN. Chicago has many things but fast food is not one of them. It's quite a treat for us to be able to go to Sonic. A fast food joint with tater tots on the menu (and you can even get them in a breakfast burrito)? Count me in.

We will be stopping at Sonic for breakfast and then having lunch somewhere in Cincinnati followed by the ball game and hot dogs at the ballpark. Sunday, we'll stop somewhere for brunch and then head home. We are debating stopping in Indianapolis for dinner since neither of us have been there but we'll see what time we hit the road Sunday morning.

It's probably not the smartest thing for me to be traveling at 36 weeks pregnant but I didn't really think that through so well when I bought the tickets and booked the hotel back in May. I'm not really worried about but let's hope this baby doesn't make an appearance this weekend in Cincinnati... or worse, a town between Cincinnati and Chicago.


CaraBee said...

Have a great time!

MEP said...

I am from Cincinnati and hope you have a great time. Make sure to get the baby some Graeter's ice cream while you are there. Also, my best friend's husband is an ObGyn, should you need his services while in the Queen City.

Have fun!

Fluffy Windover said...

Have fun-- bring pillows for the car! We drove out to my brother's last weekend, which is only a 1.5 hour trip and I wanted to die from discomfort. Then again, I am a major pregnancy wimp.