Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Go White Sox!

Tonight Fredo and I are going to the White Sox game. We are both huge White Sox fans in a city (and neighborhood) where the Cubs reign supreme. We haven't been to a game yet this season so I'm very excited. It's supposed to be a nice evening weather wise. I am looking forward to a hot dog at the ballpark and (hopefully) a White Sox winner. The only thing missing for me will be the beer.

We have high hopes for Peanut to be a big White Sox fan too. The first book we bought her? A White Sox board book. One of the first outfits? A White Sox outfit.

My shower was yesterday and Peanut was gifted with another White Sox outfit. We are so getting this kid on the Jumbotron next season.

The shower was very nice. Nothing too fancy, just a group of close friends at my mother's house and some great food. My mother is a fantastic cook. Sadly I did not inherit her skills in the kitchen. We got the bedding, some clothes, and a crib soother among other things.

It was fun to get all everything home and into the baby's room. I made up the crib, even though everything needs to be washed still. It was great because we are finally able to get a better idea of what we still need to get. I think we'll be good with one more trip to Babies R Us, which we'll probably do this upcoming weekend.

I think I feel good about our level of preparedness. This feeling changes everyday but I think if the baby were to come now (which, knock on wood that doesn't happen), the list I would send Fredo to Babies R Us will would be pretty manageable.

I'll enjoy this feeling right now because of course tomorrow this could all change when I become convinced we need a ________ and we need it now!


-R- said...

We already have two Vikings outfits and a Twins outfit for our baby too.

CaraBee said...

I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I went to the Univ. of Kansas and am a HUGE Jayhawks fan. Imagine my elation when they won the basketball championships this year! Needless to say, Sophie has a well stocked collection of Jayhawk apparel.