Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ice Cream Will Make it Better

I'm in a bad mood today.

The work day did not start well. I am in an industry that you do not have to be intelligent to work in (I'm sure there are plenty of people who are very intelligent who work in the same industry, I just did not deal with any of them today). Typically I end up talking to a few stupid people through out the course of the day, however, today I hit my stupid people quota within a half hour of sitting at my desk.

As I've mentioned before, I work with a lot of guys. You're not going to get very far in my office if you can't make fun of yourself and can't take a joke when people give you a hard time. That said, today my manager said, in response to an email I wrote to a customer yesterday, that I need to more polite in emails. WTF? I (still) don't understand how what I wrote would be considered impolite. Yes, it was direct and fairly concise (economy of words and all that) but nothing I wrote was rude. I didn't say "be less stupid", which is what I would have preferred to write. I reread the email several times to figure out where I could have been more polite. I even sent the email to a friend, who agreed with me. His response? "Maybe you should add ten smiley faces to every email to make everyone feel better".

For some reason, this email thing has been bothering me all day. Maybe it's hormones. Maybe I'm just over this place and can't wait until maternity leave. Maybe it's a combination of the two.

At least we're going to Dairy Queen tonight. If you buy a blizzard today, a donation is made for the Children's Miracle Network. Ice cream will make me feel better. And really, I'm doing it for the kids.


CaraBee said...

I could totally go for ice cream today. A dipped soft serve cone sounds super yummy right now.

Kristi said...

Next time write be less stupid (I double dog dare you). Concise and to the point!

MEP said...

Hey, do you frequent the Southport DQ? That places makes a lot of things better for me.

Also, I finally posted my meme. Thanks for tagging me.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Oh seriously - why do people complain about dumb things?