Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Monday

This morning, while waiting for the elevator to go to work, I was stopped by a woman who felt compelled to tell me that she could tell I was pregnant from behind. Apparently, I walk pregnant.

I ordered nursing nightgowns today. I started looking at them this weekend and damn are they expensive. I ordered 3 from Target and am not happy spending that much money on pajamas. I still need to do the whole nursing bra thing and I am not excited.

I am trying to convince myself that this week will go by quickly. I have multiple doctor's appointments and we start our birthing class this week. If this morning is any indication, this will be the slowest week in the history of weeks.

My due date is exactly one month from today. That's incredibly soon, but still far away. There's a lot to do in the next month and one of those things to pay $35 to meet the prospective pediatrician. I hope she's nice and not psycho because a) she's right around the corner from our apartment and b) I don't want to be dropping 35 bones all over the city just to meet doctors. Anyway, that is in a few weeks. Until then I only have to pay money to see my doctors.

Sorry so random today. There's not a ton going on with me other than the baby stuff.

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CaraBee said...

I got these for nighttime wear and I love it. The split front is really comfortable and easy for night time nursing. NO snaps or hooks. And they're on sale!