Monday, August 4, 2008

Crib Saga

The crib saga continues (and finally ends). We got our crib delivered Friday night. This was the crib we decided to order when the other one we initially wanted wasn't in stock for months and months. We received the crib Friday and the box was in terrible condition--so bad I looked at it and thought, "This can not be good". I started unpacking the box and sure enough, part of the headboard was broken. Even though the crib was broken, I used one of the rails to get an idea of the length of the crib and proceeded to rearrange the furniture in the baby's room at least 5 times Friday night. Fredo kept telling me to wait until we got the crib was set up but I was having none of that. My response? "I'm nesting damn it!"

Saturday we loaded up the car and drove out to the suburbs and exchanged the crib at Babies R Us and got some bookshelves for Fredo's office at Ikea.

We got the crib home, along with the bookshelves. First we put the crib together, which was not hard to do at all. In fact, it did not require any tools. Once the crib was together, I rearranged the furniture another 3 or 4 times. And then I took a nap.

With all the putting stuff together that occurred this weekend, both Fredo and I have a case of Kerry Wood-itis (hand blisters). Mine is not so bad but I think Fredo's going on the 15 day DL.

I think the baby's room is just about done. I still need to get the bedding and diaper pail and stuff but my shower is this weekend so hopefully we'll get that then. I found a small-ish woven plastic basket at a street festival yesterday and I think that will make a good hamper. We need more stuff for the walls but we plan on getting a very bad ass poster made once the baby arrives (check it out here).

It's all coming together.


CaraBee said...

Isn't it such a good feeling to get the room ready? I know that when we finally got the crib put together was when it really started hitting home. You know, cause the gigantic belly didn't tip me off. Those posters are really neat, I'll have to mark that down as a gift idea.

-R- said...

Those posters are really cool.

Good job getting the crib put together!

Fluffy Windover said...

That is so cute! You're in Chicago, right? I know a gal (well kind of... she runs a record label that put out one of my husband's band's records years ago, blah blah) but now she makes really cute baby clothes. My friend gave us some cute bibs and onesies from there. Anyway she's in your neck of the woods so just thought I'd pass it along.