Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We are Having a Baby... Really Freakin' Soon!!

I think it's finally hit me...hard. We are having us a baby and we are having her soon! Obviously, the end result of this was always (hopefully) going to be baby, but now that we are less than a month away from my due date, it's that much more real.

I had a baby doctor appointment yesterday. The doctor told me it seems like the baby has dropped. Fredo had commented over the weekend that my belly looked lower, but it was confirmed by the doctor. So, the baby dropping.. that's a sign that the baby is coming sometime in the near future, right?

Side note: The doctor also said tall women have easier deliveries. That's probably a crock but I'm hoping that is true. (I'm 5' 9").

The appointment went fine, as usual, and I was home early. I didn't do a whole lot last night, as usual, and went to bed early.

I can't sleep through the night anymore anyway. I'm up at least at 1 am and then again around 3 or 4 am to use the bathroom. Last night was no different. I was up at 11 pm, 1 am and then again at 4 am. At 4 am, I began to freak out (silently). Holy crap! We are having a baby and we are actually going to be bringing her home and WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO THEN?!

Oh middle of the night paranoia.. gotta love it.

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