Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sandwich Contest

Today, at work, we had a sandwich contest. I eat with the same group of people everyday, "The Lunch Bunch" and it was decided yesterday that today was sandwich contest day. The contest was not a sandwich eating contest but rather a sandwich making contest. The sad thing was, I was looking forward to it all morning.

It was hilarious. I had my usual peanut butter and jelly (made with white bread bought from the farmer's market, natural peanut butter and strawberry preserves, not Jif and Smuckers Grape Jelly so at least it was kind of fancier) but my friends went all out for this. One even made certificates. We were all winners in the sandwich contest. We all deserved to be recognized for our outstanding achievement in the field of sandwiches.

It was great. Whatever gets you through the day right? I will miss them when I'm on leave. Lunch is the best part of my day. The hour always flies by and we always have a great time. We'll have to have at least one more sandwich contest before I go.

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CaraBee said...

At my old job, we did the NY Times crossword at lunch every day. Thursday and Friday are the hardest so I always looked forward to those days because then it was more of a group activity. I guess this would be the really nerdy version of the sandwich contest.