Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

We had a very nice long weekend. When I made the arrangements for Cincinnati, I forgot it was Labor Day weekend. It was nice to go out of town, come back and still have a day off before starting my second to last work week before maternity leave.

Some highlights from the weekend:
- We missed out on seeing a car chase on Saturday but did see the aftermath which included 5 police officers, multiple cop cars, a minivan with all of it's doors open and 5 people sitting on the side of the highway outside of Indianapolis in hand cuffs.
-The Cincinnati Westin. Westin's have the most comfortable beds ever and this one was no exception. For the low, low price of $3200 you too could own your very own Westin approved mattress and bed linens set.
-Graeter's ice cream. So, so good!
-The Reds/Giants game. There was a near fight between people in the rows behind us but it never came to blows. The worst it got was when one woman pointed at the man they were arguing with and told him, "Don't be an idiot!". It's a nice ballpark and I got to see Aaron Rowand (current Giant, former White Sox) hit a home run.
-Sunday we stopped in Indianapolis for lunch and to see the new Colts stadium.
-Monday we went to my mother's for dinner. Both she and her fiance are great cooks and the meal was delicious. Lucky for me, she sent me home with the leftover mixed berry cobbler.
-I didn't have to go to triage! I was having some contractions last night and called the doctor. Fredo was freaking out. Thank goodness for beer or else he would have really been in a panic. I may have to keep him in a constant state of inebriation for the next few weeks to keep him calm. Luckily, the contractions calmed down and I didn't have enough in an hour to go to the hospital. While that would have given new meaning to Labor Day, I'm glad peanut didn't make her debut last night.

Hope everyone had a wonderful long labor day weekend!

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Fluffy Windover said...

OMG! So when you say contractions, do you mean they were painful? Also, since you asked how I am feeling I will tell you. I am feeling like crap. I can't eat anything ever for the constant heartburn/indigestion that makes me feel nauseous. I guess the baby hasn't dropped yet, beause I'm hoping when he does it will get better? Because I really miss eating.