Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Official

I have finally turned in the required paperwork and my manager has approved my maternity leave. My last day in the office will be Sept. 12 (16 business days to go!). I think I'll be taking a half day on the 12th anyway. There won't be much for me to do so it seems kind of pointless to stay at the office all day, reading blogs when I could be home, reading blogs.

I tried to get the approval to work from home the last couple of weeks before my leave began but it was denied. I'm not sure why as my "replacement" has already started and is in the process of being trained but whatever. The end is in sight and with everything going on over the next few weeks, it should go quickly.

I hit another milestone yesterday. I had an appointment with the baby doctor yesterday afternoon and he said he should probably start seeing me every week now. That means leaving work early one day a week for the next 3. I have to see a different doctor next week, as mine won't be in the office, and the latest appointment I could get is 2 so I will be leaving really early next Tuesday.


CaraBee said...

Congrats! Just 16 days to go! My last day was also the 12th (of last October) and my concentration level the last few days was really low.

Fluffy Windover said...

I just put in my paperwork this week too and my last day is the 19th! Can. Not. Wait. I hope they let me work from home some before that because I'm getting really tired of being here pregnant. Well, except for all the presents people are giving me. I am a technical writer and everything I do I can totally do from home. Not that I would actually do work if I was at home...