Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "To Tell or Not To Tell" Post

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine at work today about blogging. He basically said he wishes he were popular enough to blog. I responded that if you wanted a lot of people to read your blog, being popular helps but if you don't care about that, it's not a requirement. I did not mention in this conversation that I blog.

I've read many posts on other blogs on whether people know about their blogs or not. I have not told anyone, besides my husband, that I do it. I know there are some people who do read my blog (from the comments, I don't have any of this fancy visitor tracking stuff) but I didn't start my blog to be read.

In a nutshell, I started my blog because I'm pregnant.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, my friends don't have kids. Some of my husband's friends do but they don't live in Chicago. Hell, none of my friends are even married and the one couple that is close is no where near having kids. I know that soon (very, very soon) I will be at home all day with a new baby and a husband who is trying to get some work done to support this growing family of ours. And I know that I will need to vent some feelings somehow or just talk to someone who is not a newborn. If someone talks back, great but I wanted a place I could just get it all out and not have to worry about the response.

I've never been the type to keep a journal so the fact that I've taken to this blog thing kind of surprised me. I think it's the accountability of being online that keeps me writing most days of the week. For now, I try to write every weekday and take the weekends off but the frequency will most likely change with the new addition.

I still haven't decided if I will tell anyone or not. I suppose when people soon want baby updates I can point them here. For the meantime, it's just my place to write about the mundane details of my life as I gear up for this baby.

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jodifur said...

No one besides my husband in real life knows about my blog, but I've made friends through blogging that day. Sometimes I have to check who I'm with before I mention my blog.