Friday, September 5, 2008


I don't really have too many vices remaining. I used to smoke and I used to drink but I've stopped both (although the abstaining from alcohol is temporary). My one remaining vice? Gossip magazines.

I do have to say, my consumption of gossip rags has gone down considerably from a few years ago. Back then, I worked in bars and worked late into the night. I could never just come home from work at 2:30 am and go right to sleep. In order to wind down from the night, I would read gossip magazines. I would read Us, People (almost like a real magazine!), In Touch and even Star. I would buy all my magazines on Fridays and it was always such a treat to go home after a long night of waitressing or bar tending and read my magazines.

After buying these magazines every week I decided it would be more economical to subscribe to them. So subscribe I did--yes, even to Star. (Life and Style was not around back then but if it was, you can bet I would have gotten that one too).

When I got a day job and my subscriptions ran out, I did not renew Star and In Touch. I will sometimes still buy In Touch and Life and Style (but not Star... I've developed some standards). I still get US Weekly and People in the mail. I get so excited when those magazines arrive in my mail box on Thursdays or Fridays.

As long as I'm pointing out my vices, I will also point out my magazine compulsions. I always read US first and save People. I get really angry if someone reads my magazine before I do. Sometimes Fredo will pick up my copy if I get up while reading it and leave it open. God help him when he does this because I get pretty salty. If someone other than Fredo were to pick up my magazine, I would keep calm but instead I would be grumpy and mentally willing them to put it down.

The work day is almost done and I so looking forward to getting home. I have fresh copies of US Weekly and People waiting for me at home and I can't wait to curl up on the couch to learn about Sarah Palin as only US Weekly and People can teach me.

Happy weekend!


CaraBee said...

People is my guilty pleasure. Like you, I gave up the smoking and drinking pre-baby, neither of which I have resumed. Smoking, hopefully never although I tell my husband that if I make it to 80 and it's still legal I'm starting back up again, and drinking because I'm still nursing. I miss beer. I figure gossip journalism is a healthy substitute.

Bailey said...

I miss beer too. I think celebrity gossip is as acceptable a substitute as you can get. And there are enough articles about non-celebrities to make you feel as though you're reading a "real" magazine.