Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last Day

Today is my last full day of work and it has the potential to be one of the most boring days ever.

All of my work is done and my "replacements" have already taken over my daily tasks. I basically showed up to work today to read blogs. Unless something is assigned to me, I'm going to be spending the day counting the hours until 5 pm. I wish I could have just stayed home today but since my last day is officially tomorrow, that didn't seem like an option. Tomorrow will be more of the same but I'll only have to kill time until 10 am.

Since today is going to be a bust, let me talk about my weekend plans.

I will be hauling my 38 weeks pregnant self down to my old neighborhood to go to The Renegade Craft Fair. Fredo and I went last year and picked up a few things (his favorite T-shirt that commands people to "Make Me A Sandwich" and a paining of a Chicago El sign). I remember commenting last year that it would be a great place to buy baby stuff, if we were expecting a baby. How prescient of me.

Growing up in Connecticut, my mother and I used to go to craft fairs a lot. There was a big one we would attend every year in a town called Guilford. I told her that this craft fair is kind of like the Guilford Craft Fair if that fair was run by hipsters.

I don't really need to buy anything there. The baby's room will be done when we get some art back from the framers. It will be fun to wander around and check out all of the stuff for sale. I'm sure I won't leave empty handed though.


CaraBee said...

Congrats on your next to last day. Enjoy the craft fair, it sounds wonderful!

Bailey said...


Fluffy Windover said...

Oh my god, I must have a shirt that says "make me a sandwich". That is right up there with "Who farted?"