Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great Moments in Fredo and Bailey History

Moment #1: How I told Fredo I was Pregnant

To clarify, I didn't really tell Fredo I was pregnant. I told him I suspected I may be and then he was pretty close by while I peed on a stick to confirm my suspicions.

One night (January 23rd to be precise), Fredo and I went out to dinner prior to going to an art gallery event. We arrived at the bar/restaurant near the gallery, sat down and I ordered a Blue Moon. I ordinarily love Blue Moon and will order it year round. For some reason though, that night the Blue Moon just tasted off. I drank maybe half of my beer (which should have tipped Fredo off that something was up since I hardly ever leave a "wounded soldier") and then stopped in the bathroom on my way out because I felt somewhat nauseous. I shrugged it off that maybe I just wasn't in the mood for beer that night.

I think, while at dinner, I mentioned that there was the possibility of me being pregnant because it had been a few days since I was supposed to get my period but it was only a few days late and maybe that month it got stuck in traffic or something.

On to the gallery we went. Once there, I got a glass of champagne and began to sip it and still... something was different. I couldn't finish the glass. I just didn't want it. It was then that I told Fredo we should stop on the way home for a pregnancy test. We got the hell out of there soon after because, well, now that we were suspicious we wanted to know now.

We stopped at CVS and made one of the more hilarious purchases I have ever made at a drugstore--a multi pack of home pregnancy tests and a bottle of Jim Bean.

When we got home, I immediately ran into the bathroom and took the test. Fredo immediately mixed a drink. I think the test said to wait 2-5 minutes (I can't remember what the actual amount was) but 2 lines showed up pretty much instantaneously. Fredo took a look at the first test and told me to wait a few minutes and take another one. I did and the results were the same. I was pregnant!

Fredo still wanted to hear it from the doctor before we got all crazy and started making all of these baby plans. We went to the doctor the following week and the results were confirmed. Three days or so after going to the doctor, we headed to an all inclusive resort in Mexico for our belated honeymoon--I booked an inclusive resort on purpose but couldn't drink while we were there. Oh well, we'll go back and I'll tie one on.

Here were are almost nine months later and the day that seemed so far away back in January is rapidly approaching. There have been several memorable moments since then--seeing the first ultrasound (which earned the baby the nickname of "Peanut") and finding out it was a girl, but none of those would have happened without that one night in January (well, that other night kind of made this all possible, but I won't go into details about that).


CaraBee said...

My husband was the same way when I told him he was pregnant. Not that he wasn't excited, but he just didn't want to get his hopes up too high. Its kind of sweet, actually.

CaraBee said...

Ha ha, that would be when I told him I was pregnant.

Fluffy Windover said...

Aww, what a nice story! I found out on January 21 and I kept taking tests even days after that because I just thought it was too good to be true. And I remember being out with my friend the week before, drinking margaritas and chain smoking saying, "I mean, there is no way I'm pregnant." ha.

Bailey said...

Carabee- Ha! I didn't even notice the "he" until I saw the 2nd comment. If he was pregnant though, you could have gone on Oprah and sold your story to People.

Fluffy- While I was suspecting being pregnant, part of me was like, "Maybe I just won't say anything until after we get back from Mexico"... but I figured that would just be unhealthy... ha ha.