Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Same Old, Same Old

I haven't been doing much besides waiting for the baby to make an appearance.

The weekend was a bust, thanks to the never ending rain. Instead of going to the craft fair, we ran around the apartment with buckets, bowls and watering cans to catch the leaks that seemed to multiply in the ceiling (oh and to catch the falling plaster from where our ceiling looks like it's caving in). With the help of my mom and her fiance, we also checked the entire apartment for evidence of mice since my landlord has still not sent an exterminator (or returned our phone calls about it). We patched a lot of holes and vacuumed up a lot of mouse poop.

Yesterday was supposed to be spent cleaning the apartment but instead I cleaned our bedroom and then sat down on the couch--and fell asleep for about 2 hours with CNBC in the background. I had some pretty weird dreams involving Lehmann Brothers.

I got a bikini wax and then had a dr. appt. so I've spent a lot of time with my pants off today. Otherwise, nothing much is happening.

Hopefully, there will be a more inspired post tomorrow.

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