Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy Neighbors

No baby yet so to pass the time, I'm scaring the neighbors.

Our neighbors are weird. I haven't really met them so I'm speculating here but I think there are weird for two reasons.

One, they have a diamond shaped window in their door and obviously don't want people (us) seeing inside. Ok, that doesn't make them so weird. I wouldn't want people looking into my apartment from the porch either. What is weird is how they deter people from looking into their apartment. They have a drawing (not a very good one either) of a man and a woman holding hands that has been taped up in the window. What wasn't taken into consideration when drafting this masterpiece was that the window is a diamond, not a square so the picture is on it's side. (I wondered if I could sneak downstairs and take a picture to post here but didn't want to get caught but take my word for it, it's just bizarre).

Two, the woman is afraid of dogs... all dogs... including my 9 lb. chihuahua/mini pincer mix. She is, apparently, terrified of dogs. She had told my husband this one day when she ran into him walking our dog. This morning, I got my taste of the crazy. I was coming back from walking our dog and was about to open the door to our apartment. Cora was sitting on the porch, waiting to get upstairs when she heard the neighbors door about to open. Now, Cora is a very friendly dog and always wants to say hi. I had our door open and was trying to get Cora inside but the dog was distracted. The woman opened the dog, obviously saw Cora standing in front of her door, screamed and slammed the door. I had to get Cora inside quickly before I burst out laughing on our porch.

Maybe this is mean of me, but it was damn funny.


CaraBee said...

People rarely let me down with just how weird they can be. You have to take a picture of that door!

Bailey said...

I'll try to get one today. It's too hilarious.

MEP said...

I'd like a picture as well. Now that you'll be home during the day for a while, you're going to see lots of odd happenings.

I love your new blog background. Mine is need of some cute-ification.

Fluffy Windover said...

OMG, your dog is so cute. I can't believe you are walking the dog at 9 months pregnant. Then again, our dogs are giant and unruly. We took them to the park 2 days before the baby was born and I was so tired, I wanted the BHE to leave me there to die.

Bailey said...

MEP- I tried to get a picture today but chickened out. I'll work up the nerve soon.

Fluffy- When I say "walking the dog", I'm really only going to the end of the street. When I do make it around the block, I come right home and take a nap. :)

sheila said...

HOW funny! Just found your blog today. I got a good chuckle about your neighbor. They do sound extremely strange. You'll probably get a bigger dose of crazy as time goes on.

Congrats on the new baby!