Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Things to Do

As my maternity leave draws closer, I have quite the list shaping up of things to get done. I'm trying to keep myself busy so that the time before my due date flies by (although if Peanut is late, as I'm sure she will be, I will probably start to go crazy). Here's the list of things I plan on doing before baby.

-Clean. I'm hoping the nesting instinct will kick in next week and inspire me to clean the apartment top to bottom. This includes cleaning out closets and taking stuff to Goodwill.
-Organize our wedding album. We have been married a year and not a single picture has made it into our wedding album.
-A little bit of pampering--Prenatal massages (oh that right, plural. One at the chiropractor and one at an actual spa), hair cut and color, facial and manicure/pedicure... because who knows when the next time I will be able to do that will be.
-Stocking up on things we need so Fredo will have to make less trips to the store post baby.
-Meeting the pediatrician
-Finally balancing my checkbook.. honestly, it's been months so this could turn into an all day project.

I can't wait!


CaraBee said...

The nesting instinct never kicked in for me, but luckily at that time we still had a cleaning service. Man, do I wish we still had that now. Definitely go get a prenatal massage. I had one at about 7 months and it was awesome.

Bailey said...

A cleaning service would be awesome. I've thought about getting someone in just once but have never done it.

I can't wait for the prenatal massage. I get half hour massages every 2 weeks at the chiropractor but I'm looking forward to the spa since it will be an hour long massage and it will hopefully be more relaxing than therapeutic.