Friday, May 8, 2009

She Crawls

Ava has been crawling for about a week now and gets better at it every day. She never army crawled, just went straight for pushing herself up on her knees. She crawls forward and backwards and can even get herself back into a sitting position from her knees.

So far, she hasn't figured out that this crawling thing could get her around the apartment. Right now, crawling is just for getting that toy, that dirty tissue mommy hasn't gotten up to throw out yet or the border of the play mat. She is always going for the border pieces. The other day I turned my back for a minute and she had crawled to the border, stole a piece, crawled back to the other side and sat up, chewing on the contraband.

The few times she has ventured off of the play mat have served as reminders to me that I need to vacuum more often. I think I should attach Swiffer sheets to her and let her clean for me. Yeah, I'm going to put my 7 month old to work.

Sometimes she gets herself stuck. Under furniture.


Marianne said...

Go, Little A, Go!

CaraBee said...

That was the upside to having my daughter start crawling in the winter, lots of fuzzy sweaters to dust the floor with.