Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Preparing to LMAO

Guess what comes out today? Jen Lancaster's new book, Pretty in Plaid! My copy has supposedly left the Amazon facility in KY and is on its way now. Her previous books are laugh out loud funny, like don't read this book in public because you will laugh and people will look at you like you are crazy funny. I'm sure PIP will not disappoint.

The timing could not be better. I plan to enjoy my mother's day pedicure while reading this book on Saturday. Can't wait.
I encourage everyone to get on Amazon or go to the store and pick up Pretty in Plaid.
This concludes my shameless plug.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Can't WAIT!!!!

Marianne said...

I truly think I'm the only female Chicagoan who hasn't read any of her books.

What's wrong with me?

CaraBee said...

I love Jen Lancaster!! I can't wait to hear about her exploits in the 80s! Are you one of her FB fans??

mep said...

I also enjoy Jen Lancaster and look forward to checking out PIP. I think the Such a Pretty Fat is my favorite so far.