Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maybe it is Time to Leave

Every city has it's fair share of weirdos. We encountered a couple of Chicago's today.

We went out for a walk before lunch to take advantage of the sunshine. We walked up through our neighborhood, to the park and grocery store and back home. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just saw your standard odd ducks that you see when you're out walking with both a baby and a dog.

When we were almost home, a woman and her daughter asked if they could say hi to our dog and to our baby. They stopped to pet our dog and coo at Ava. And then the woman looked right at Ava and said, "I bet you're glad to be out of your mom in time for summer, aren't you?". Which, what the what?

As we continued on home, I looked and Fredo and said that maybe I was over all of the Chicago weirdos and that we give the Minnesota weirdos a try.


CaraBee said...

When I moved to Baltimore from Kansas, I was overwhelmed by all of the nutjobs. Now they're just part of the scenery.

-R- said...

Yeah, that is a very weird thing to say to someone.