Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conversations With Myself

Sometimes I talk to myself. Like I have full blown conversations with myself. It's like I'm talking to my husband but I never give him a chance to answer, instead playing out both sides. Examples? You got it.

A few weeks ago we were watching HGTV. It was probably Design on a Dime or Designed to Sell, something like that. Anyway, it always bothers me when they spray paint the appliances. I don't know why but it does. Here's the resulting conversation.

Me: I hate when they spray paint the appliances..... Someday that paint is going to flake off of that refrigerator and the new owners are going to be piiisssed.... But I guess by the time that happens, you would be long gone.... Sorry suckers.

Meanwhile, Fredo is just staring at me, quizzically, trying not to laugh....until the very end when he laughs in my face.

Then last night, Fredo turned on Gone Baby Gone.

Fredo: I didn't know Ben Affleck directed this.

Me: Oh yeah. He's not completely talentless.... No, he's got a little bit of talent... His Keith Olberman impression on SNL was good...No, it's a good movie. He is talented.

Again, Fredo just stared while I debated the Ben Affleck/talent issue...with myself. And then he laughed at me.

But I guess that's what happens when you talk to someone who can't speak yet all day, although I'm pretty sure I was doing this before I had Ava.

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CaraBee said...

I talk to myself all day. The argument is that I'm talking to Sophie. That will sound a lot better when she can actually talk back.