Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. It was 74 degrees and sunny. It was the kind of day that you just need to be outside as much as possible.

I already had made plans to meet a friend at a park and since it was too nice to be inside, Fredo decided to join us. Since my husband works from home, he has the freedom to unchain himself from his desk every once and awhile. As long as he has his phone and can receive email on it, he can be out and about. I'm really going to miss that in about a year when he has to start going to an office every day again. We got all ready to head to the park and were outside getting Ava in her stroller when the UPS guy pulls up. Guess what came just in time? The baby sunglasses! Perfect timing!

Ava rocking her cool girl shades

We spent a lot of the time just sitting on a bench but it was just nice to be outside. Before we left though, we needed to let Ava swing for the first time.

She didn't seem to hate it too much. Dare I say she even enjoyed it a bit? I loved it though and can't wait to take her to the park again!

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CaraBee said...

Love the shades! We got a taste of that weather here today, I wish we could have been out in it.