Saturday, March 7, 2009

Night 1

So we started sleep training following the "Sleep Easy Solution". The book has praise (I'm sure it's called something in the world of publishing but I don't know what) from Conan O'Brien, Ben Stiller and Greg Kinnear so you know it has to be good.

My heart was pounding as I approached bedtime. I was nearly in fits wondering how I would keep Ava awake while nursing. Every time I would see her eyes start to close, I would gently shake her or make funny noises. I was practically spitting at her by the end. I was convinced she was starting to hate me since I knew she wanted to just close her eyes and I wouldn't let her. But she was still awake when I put her in her crib. She cried for about a half hour and drifted off around 6:40 pm.

It was smooth sailing for awhile. I kept peeking in since it was weirdly exciting to watch her sleep unswaddled, probably because I thought we'd be swaddling until she was 12. She woke up at 12:20 (I know because I wrote it down) but must have put herself back to sleep.

Then she woke up at 2:57. And cried. For an entire hour. Take that, downstairs neighbors.

But she went back to sleep on her own around 4 and slept in until 7:30. She's napping now and has been out for about an hour.

All in all, I would consider night 1 a success.


CaraBee said...

Yay for a successful night's sleep! Keeping my finger's crossed that tonight will be good, too.

Bailey said...

So far so good...and I'm knocking on wood as I press "publish your comment".