Sunday, March 8, 2009

Night 2

I'm totally sold on "The Sleep Easy Solution". Conan O'Brien, Ben Stiller and Greg Kinnear were right.

Last night we put Ava to bed and she only cried for 3 minutes. It was pretty amazing since my mom and her fiance were over for dinner and we aren't the quietest bunch.

As far as I know, Ava slept through the night. If she did wake up, she put herself back to sleep promptly, which was kind of the point of this whole experiment.

While the book seems to say what many of the other sleep books say, I like that it basically told us just to do it. Yes, there will be some crying but better to have a few nights of crying than to have to listen to bedtime related crying every day. And it should continue to be a good reference as Ava gets older since it does contain information on getting older children to sleep (I think up to 2 or 3) and has tips for transitioning to a bed among other topics.

I will be recommending this book to anyone I know who has a baby, is about to have a baby or is even thinking about having a baby.

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Marianne said...

Please keep posting updates!!!

By the way, now that the weather is getting nicer, we should totally meet up at a park!!! Ava is just delicious!!