Monday, January 5, 2009

New Car Smell

I've had my license for 10 years but just got my first car!

Our old car, lovingly called "Big Red", was just too small for our growing family. I damn near broke my back every time I had to wrangle the car seat into the backseat. To fit the car seat in, both the driver and passenger seats had to be moved up about as far as they could go. Even with the seats moved up, I still had to fold my legs in, using my hands, to fit in the back seat. I'm 5'9" with long legs. To put it mildly, it has been slightly uncomfortable riding in the car since Ava was born.

We knew we would be getting a small SUV sometime after the first of the year. Fredo was off from work on Thursday and Friday and we began our new car shopping Friday morning. We visited a few dealerships and got some ideas of cars that would work and car salesmen that we would never buy a car from ever. We looked at Saturn, a Toyota dealership where we were told that this is Toyota, '07 RAV4's fly out of here and a Subaru dealership in the city. Fredo did always seem to have his heart set on the Vue and since we were able to find a 2008 with extremely low miles we jumped at it.

Saturday morning, we went back out to the Saturn dealership and got our new Vue. It's sweet and Fredo and I were very happy. We even went grocery shopping on Sunday just to drive the new car... oh yeah, and to stock our pretty much empty refrigerator. Last night, I even caught Fredo looking out the window at the car.

Cut to this morning when I got a call from Fredo who had left early to go visit some customers. There is already a dent and scratch on the passenger side door. It had to have happened in the parking lot yesterday.

Is that some sort of record? Three days and the car already has to go to the body shop. I would say that this is what I get for living in the city but this happened in a big parking lot. I'm bummed. I wanted my new car to stay new for awhile but it's already scarred.


CaraBee said...

When I first moved into the city, I had a really nice car. Within months, it was broken into twice, dented and scratched. I was heartbroken, so I got rid of that car and got a car I didn't care about. I kept that car until we moved out of the city. Its one of the things that sucks about living in the city. It's a trade off, I guess.

Congrats on the new car!!

MEP said...

Having a new car in the city is so frustrating! My first place in Chicago had a parking place, but it was under the EL tracks and I had to be uber-vigilant about wiping off the "el juice."

-R- said...

What color did you get?

I rear-ended someone after owning my car for 5 days. That doesn't beat your record, but the damage was much, much worse!

E... said...

I'll admit it, I drive an Odyssey. I actually love it, though I do sometimes get confused at the sea of them in "slate green" at the grocery store. Yesterday, the whole family was out, and we passed one, and J said "hey, that looks like ours" Ha Ha, because there are no others out there, right? No, he was commenting on the scrape visible on the rear corner, something I did a week or so after we bought it by backing into the garbage cans (and yes, I do have the backup camera.)