Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Hate You Jillian Michaels

I've done the 30 day Shred everyday this week and I am so sore. I can't even pick up Ava without my arms hurting. I've resolved to do the damn thing everyday for 30 days
(26 days to go) since the description says you can lose up to 20 lbs. in 30 days and I'm 20 pounds or so away from fitting into all of my pre-pregnancy jeans. On a side note, I do fit into the pair of pre-preggo jeans that I really wanted to be able to wear again and I'll be sporting them tomorrow when we have friends over for dinner, muffin top be damned.

Since we're having friends over tomorrow for dinner, I should clean the apartment today. Cleaning is my least favorite activity in the world. When I actually do clean the place top to bottom, I brag about it for days and expect heaps of praise from my husband. I need to get on that. But it's -5 degrees out right now and we're under a wind chill advisory so what else am I going to do today?


Marianne said...

I just have to say ... you don't look like you've had a baby - EVER! You look awesome -- Shred or not!

Bailey said...

Thanks Marianne! That's sweet.

jodifur said...

I'm taking the 30 day shred away w/ me. I am insane

MEP said...

Thanks for the big old comment on my recent post! Have you read Everything I Know I Learned from Judy Blume? It's a collection of essays you might enjoy.

And, to answer your question, we joined the Lakeview YMCA, the one behind Whole Foods around Lincoln/School/Roscoe. Let me know if you're interested in joining because if I refer you I think you can skip the joiner fee (of course, if you join in January, I think there's no joiner fee anyway). They have a new fitness facility now, which seems nice.

I had the 30 Day Shred on my Amazon Wishlist for months. I am tempted to try it as I am a huge Biggest Loser fan, but I think I better use the fitness DVD's I already have.

Also, I meant to write in response to your other posts, that we have had photos taken at Portrait Innovations (national chain) that we were very happy with. There's one in Glenview in The Glen.

Good for you on the dinner party!