Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me? Complain? Never

My downstairs neighbors really piss me off.

We live in a 3-flat that the tenants are pretty much responsible for the up-keep. The landlord/management company take care of the big stuff but when it comes to everyday stuff like snow removal, we're on our own. We have a pretty good relationship with the guys in the basement unit. We don't see them much but they're really nice. They even bought us a baby gift when I was pregnant with Ava. The guys in the basement take care of shoveling the gangway and we do the steps and the sidewalk. We've never really talked about this arrangement, we just do it and it works out pretty well.

The weird people on the first floor? Don't. Do. Anything. They will walk through snow instead of shoveling it. They left a phone book sitting on the porch until Fredo threw it out. They walked by it for an entire week and didn't do a thing with it.

I got mad today. Fredo is out of town this week and it snowed last night. I had to take the stroller out today so the porch steps and sidewalk needed to be shovelled. Did the neighbors do anything? No, of course not. But it had to be done and I had to be the one to do it. I put Ava in her snowsuit and stuck her in the Baby Bjorn and swept the stairs and shoveled the patch of sidewalk in front of our house ONE HANDED. I only swept our side of the stairs though. Let them continue to walk through snow.

I'm considering leaving a note for them. Something to the effect of if they need a snow shovel, we have an extra they can borrow. You know, something passive aggressive like that. The only thing about that is they never check their mail. Seriously, never. The mailman won't deliver mail if you don't have a name on your mailbox. Seven months later, I don't think they've ever received mail. They don't have a mail slot so I don't know how I would get them the note.

I really hope they move in June or whenever their lease is up. Not only are they bad neighbors, but the dude's bedroom must be right under ours. When it's really quiet in our apartment late at night, I can hear him our apartment. Yes, really. It's so annoying. The worst part is once you realize what that noise is, that's all you can hear.

I'm off to bed now. Hopefully I'll fall asleep before he starts sawing logs. And I'm praying we don't get anymore snow tonight because I am not shovelling tomorrow.

Ava in her snow suit. She's like a real life Maggie Simpson. Anyone? No? Just me? Ok.


CaraBee said...

One more reason I love living in a house. I spent so many years pissed off at inconsiderate neighbors when I lived in apartments and row houses. The noise, trash, parking issues, etc. Here's hoping your baddies movie out in June!

And yes, she is Maggie Simpson!

ms. mep said...

Ava looks adorable.

My hubby shovels in the morning, which I so appreciate. However, if he's out of town, my next-door neighbor does it with his snow blower. He is retired and blows snow about every two hours when necessary. Often, it's during my Bub's nap, which drive me nuts, but I guess I can't complain since he will do our walk too.