Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm not one for resolutions. I don't usually make them and if I have, I probably haven't stuck with them. My only resolution for this year is to not do anything. I got engaged at the end of 2006, got married in 2007, got pregnant and had a baby in 2008. My resolution for 2009 is to just hang out. I think I can stick with that one.

My goal, however, is similar to that of many--lose the weight. I set a goal about a month and a half ago to lose 10 lbs. by the new year. I'm sad to say that I failed, but only by less than a lb. so I think I will consider it (mostly) a success. That leaves me a little less than 3 months (by the time Ava turns 6 months old) to lose the rest. My commitment to healthy eating was derailed over the past month or so by my commitment to holiday eating but I'll be eating back on the healthy eating, exercise wagon tomorrow.

Anyway, happy New Year to all!


jodifur said...

happy new year!

CaraBee said...

I was actually doing okay on the weight thing and then the holidays hit and I am right back where I started. I am officially getting my butt in gear. Eh, it was fun while it lasted.

Happy New Year!

MEP said...

Enjoy your year of "doing nothing" but caring for a baby! I am fighting to lose the baby weight as well!