Wednesday, June 3, 2009


On Friday we leave for our first trip with Ava. We'll be flying to TX to visit my in laws and attend a high school graduation. Not only is it Ava's first trip but it will be our first time flying with an infant. I've been freaking about it for, oh only about the past 6 months or so.

In preparation I've been shopping up a storm. I got the inflatable duck bathtub, pack and play sheets, a mini food mill, a cheap umbrella stroller and a bunch of other things that I'm convinced will make our travels easier. In my defense we do have a few trips planned this summer so this isn't all for TX. In fact, we get home from TX on Wednesday and then drive to Minneapolis (yea apartment hunting) on Friday.

Last week I created a word document entitled "Ava's Master Packing List", containing all of the things I think we would need for any trip.

Today I packed up most of Ava's things.

Did I mention we leave on Friday?

So, yeah, anxious much?

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CaraBee said...

She will do great. You won't use half the stuff you take, but you'll be happy you brought it. Just in case.