Monday, June 15, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was a blur. Up at 4 (well, 3:49 am...that sucked) on Friday to drive to Minnesota. Looked at 4 apartments Friday (was supposed to be 5 but luckily one called us to cancel) and another 4 on Saturday. We now know that Ava is, luckily, an awesome road trip baby. Here's how it went:

Apartment #1: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous condo quality 2 bedroom. It had a fantastic new kitchen...and a view of a switching station so the apartment was next to gigantic power lines. On the plus side, there was a bar & grill in the building.

Apartment #2: Nice 3 bedroom town home. Two car garage, lots of space with an outdoor pool on the premises. The fixtures were a little dated but the size made up for that. This was Fredo's favorite by the end of the day on Friday.

Apartment #3: Three bedroom apartment with a nice updated kitchen. The rest of the apartment was OK but it was on the first floor, didn't really feel all that safe and overlooked a car wash and the dumpsters for the Big Lots! and Target that were right next door. It was a Super Target though. I liked the apartment but the area was just a little too sketchy for me.

Apartment #4: Gross. Just gross. But at this point we were glad that places were taking themselves out of the running.

Fredo's boss and his wife were nice enough to watch Ava while we were apartment hunting on Saturday, which was awesome since we were in and out of the car all day.

Apartment #5: Three bedroom townhouse with a great patio. This place had newer fixtures, granite counter tops (but old, old cabinets which was weird) and large rooms. It was definitely dated but was also inexpensive. There were no amenities here but it's still our second choice.

Apartment #6: Our first choice. It's a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath town home with a den and a 2 car garage. The complex has sweet amenities-- an indoor and outdoor pool, 2 fitness centers, dog park, playground and a path to the beach. Again, it's a little dated but the amenities are what sold us. We put it our application today.

Apartment #7: I had high hopes for this one since the pictures online were great. I was totally disappointed. The master bedroom was huge but that was about the only thing it had going for it. And it was expensive. When we got back to the office, the leasing agent asked if she knocked the rent down from $1605 to $1599, would she be in the running? Um, $6? Really? NEXT.

Apartment #8: Well, we were supposed to see apartment 8. We accidentally drove to apartment #9, realized we had another to go to, turned around and went to 8 to be told that the person I spoke with to make the appointment didn't ask if we had a dog and they didn't have anything in the pet friendly building. This was a giant waste of time but at least I got to see Minnetonka a little bit more. So, if I need to find the Maserati dealership at some point, I now know about where it is. Funny thing, they ended up calling us on Sunday with an apartment for us to look at. Yeah, no thanks.

Apartment #9: Awesome amenities but the apartment was kind of a dump. It was old with small rooms and the bedrooms were all in the basement. It was inexpensive but it didn't make the list.

So that's the wrap up of my whirlwind apartment hunt.

Did you have a nice weekend?


CaraBee said...

Apartment hunting is so much fun. Not. When we were looking for houses, we went through at least 30. And that's not counting the ones we drove by and didn't even bother stopping. I'm not looking forward to doing it again. Did you laugh when she said she would knock off $6? I would have.

Your first pick sounds great, good luck!

-R- said...

That is a lot of apartments! It sounds like your first choice would have been my first choice too.

Marianne said...

I am so there with you, Bailey. I'll send good apartment karma your way!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

What area are you looking in?

I agree - the BigLots/SuperTarget neighborhood is Icky. PASS.