Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom or Nanny?

Sometimes when I'm out walking with Ava I play a little game called "mom or nanny?". The game is pretty self explanatory. You guess if the person pushing the stroller is the mom or the nanny. It's funny how differently the game goes depending on which street I'm walking down.

Today I took Ava to the park to swing. As we approached the playground, I noticed it was very crowded. There were people there who were obviously nannies and people there who were obviously the moms and then a number of people that you just couldn't tell one way or the other. One thing I noticed about the moms there is that the majority of them were with 2 kids or one but also with bun in the oven.

I put Ava in her swing and started pushing her. I was looking around and got the feeling that some of the people there were looking at me, wondering nanny or mom?

I think because I'm on the young end of the spectrum for a stay at home mom that I get those looks a lot. It's probably just me being paranoid but I'm glad Ava resembles me. If she didn't I would probably get those looks a lot more.


CaraBee said...

I do the same thing when I go to the park, although I suspect that most of the people in my area are moms not nannies. We just don't live in that nice of an area. I mean, it's alright, but hardly an area boasting a lot of nannies.

Bailey said...

Sometimes, in addition to playing mom or nanny, I count the Bugaboo Frog strollers I see. This game too varies greatly depending on which neighborhood I'm strolling in.

mep said...

I play "mom or nanny?" too and sometimes use the type of stroller as a sort of context clue.

I think a Bugaboo factory exploded in my neighborhood, though I am not a Bugaboo Frogger myself.