Monday, April 27, 2009

At Least the Trunk of My Car is Going to Be Super Clean

Target, I don't want to be mad at you. I love you, I really do but today, today we are fighting.

While scanning my items, the cashier noticed that my dish soap was open and leaking. I paid for it and she told me to get another on my way out. What she did not realize, nor did I, was that my big bottle of ultra concentrated laundry detergent was to suffer a similar fate.

I ran the rest of my errands and made my way home. I pulled into our parking space and got Ava out of her car seat. I figured I would just grab a few light bags and send my husband out for the rest. When I opened the trunk and pulled out a bag something dripped on my foot. It took me a minute to figure out where the liquid was coming from. Then I saw it. The entire bottle of laundry detergent had fallen over and both the cap AND the pour spout had come loose. There is now an entire bottle of laundry detergent in my trunk.

Ugh, my husband and I have been taking turns with a bucket of water and the Sham-Wows (which are not as worthless as I originally thought). Looks like we'll be getting the car detailed soon.

I know it's not Target's fault that this happened but I really want to blame someone (not me) for this.


CaraBee said...

Every year at Christmas my mom gives me a box of goodies that includes a lot of life's little necessities. One year "the box" included a bottle of dish soap. Because I had to fly home, I had planned to tightly bag it up before packing it away. Unfortunately, my mom got to my bag before I did and just wedged the bottle in amongst my clothes. In my haste to get my stuff together, I didn't notice. When I got home and opened my bag, I discovered that EVERYTHING in my bag: clothes, toiletries, Christmas presents (including a new purse and jewelry box) were covered in the stuff. It was quite a mess. Since then my mom is not allowed touch my bags.

It is totally Target's fault.

PS - We got the Shamwows and they suck. Btw, did you see that Vince from Shamwow got arrested for beating up a hooker?

mep said...

Blame Target.

Bailey said...

I went back to Target today and triple checked that the spout to my detergent was screwed on tight. It was. And I bought 3 cute tops. So Target and I are cool again.

I did see that about Vince (and I hope you've seen the informercial for the Slap Chop so you understand what I'm about to say but...) She must not have loved his nuts.