Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keep Me Out of the Kitchen

I should not be allowed to use kitchen appliances unsupervised. Yesterday a blender got the best of me.

I can't cook worth a damn. I can bake like a mofo but I can't cook anything. Yet, I've been making my own baby food. It's really easy to do. You just boil the crap out of everything and then blend it up. Sounds simple enough, right?

For previous batches of apples, peas and squash, I had used a stick blender. For some batches I mixed it right up in the pot and for others I used the food processor type attachment with much success. The other day I made such a huge amount of apples that we broke out the big blender.

Yesterday I bought some butternut squash and during nap time, got to cooking. I peeled, seeded, chopped and boiled. When it got time for pureeing, I again got the blender out. Everything was going fine but then I decided that I needed to help things along to make sure everything got pureed and there were no chunky bits. So I mashed the top pieces toward the bottom....with a wooden spoon...while the blender was on. Yeah, so not smart. I saw my husband do it the day before so I figured it was fine. But when I did it, there was a loud noise, a mini squash explosion and when I pulled the spoon out, I noticed it had chipped.

For a minute, I entertained notions of straining the wooden bits out of the squash but when I found a jagged piece of plastic from the inside of the blender in the food, I scrapped the whole thing.

I'm going to get more squash today and try it again. I think this time I'll ask my husband to supervise me in the kitchen. He'll be my adult helper.

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ms. mep said...

I really admire your effort with the homemade baby food, even with the blender disaster. Everyone says it's easy, but I just can't work up the energy to try it.