Monday, November 3, 2008

Blue Monday

Oh blog, how I've been neglecting you recently.

Things have been pretty slow here lately. I've been trying to get out of the house for walks here and there to take advantage of the insanely wonderful weather we've been having but it's sometimes hard to do between nursing, napping and changing my shirt because I've been spit up on for the eighth time today (seriously, it's 11:30 and I've been spit up on twice already).

I don't want to jinx it but Ava has been sleeping like a champ lately. Yesterday, I put her down at 8:30 pm (realizing at 7:45 that she has no idea we changed the clocks and that she was probably tired) and she slept until 5 am.

Since we had a good night's sleep Fredo decided to hit the gym bright and early this morning. He got up at 5, changed Ava, got himself ready, went out to the car and the car wouldn't start. Hopefully it's just the battery and it's not a bigger problem. We'll see tonight when my mom and her fiance come over to jump start our car.

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