Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am a compulsive list maker. I love to make lists. I don't always follow them but I love to make them. Like this:
Things to do today
  1. Work- but I get to leave early for #2
  2. Doctor's appt.- I get to take my gestational diabetes test today. I get to drink some sugary sweet drink and then sit there for an hour before they draw my blood. I'm sure it will be a blast.
  3. The changing table came today! I will not be to resist putting it together. Maybe Fredo will beat me to it.
  4. Gen Art screening #2 (and no, we did not make it Gen Art screening #1. We had burgers and then went home, laid on the couch and watched the Food Network. That is my idea of a perfect evening).

The baby has been kicking this morning. We know we are having a little girl but we've been calling her "Peanut" since the first ultrasound when she looked like a little peanut. I try not to use the name we picked out for her until she's actually here. So until then, she is Peanut. She'll probably be Peanut after she gets here too. Anyway, she has been kicking up a storm today but it just feels different than it normally does. I've actually jumped or squirmed in my chair a few times. It's such a weird feeling that is really hard to describe. It's just not what I've normally been feeling.

I'll be at the doctor today so I can tell them about the weird kicks. It's probably normal but what do I know?! This is all totally new to me.

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Fluffy Windover said...

When are you due? I am due Sept. 28. Speaking of weird kicks, yesterday the baby was kicking in a very bizarre manner. I thought he was having a seizure in there. It felt like his whole arm (or leg, who the hell knows) was twitching in a spasm. I really wish you could see what the hell is going on in there.

Oh, and speaking of cake? After i wrote that post yesterday I made my husband buy me a cake mix and tonight I am making a cake and probably eating the entire thing.