Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6 down, 3 to go

I am due 3 months from today. I am so excited and want the next 3 months to pass as quickly as possible. But I'm also apprehensive, scared, you know just freaking the fuck out in general.

I wonder what kind of mother I am going to be. I'm an only child and have limited experience with babies and zero experience with newborns. Am I going to know what to do? I've signed my husband and I up for about 5 different prenatal classes covering various topics in hopes that they'll prepare me. My mom lives nearby so she can help me but I don't have any mommy friends that I can call for advice. I'm the first of my friends to get married and definitely the first to have a baby.

I'm not worried about Fredo. Little kids love him and he has many nieces and nephews. He has been around babies a lot. He's going to be fine. It's definitely me I'm worried about.

I guess this is totally normal, although what do I know. Are there people out there who are not worried about having their first kid? I guess they would be in the minority.

All I am sure about right now is that I'm very excited for Peanut to arrive. We'll figure things out and do the best we can, like we always do. I just hope I'm good at it.

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