Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Week Done

So my internet has been out for the past few day. I know there once was a time when we were like "Inter-what?" but man, I've been like a junkie jonesing for a fix. I have an Iphone so I've been using that, but I missed me some internet.

Of course, since I was sans internet, I had an eloquent, thought provoking post all worked out in my head, just itching to put out there for all to read. Ha, just kidding. When have I ever posted anything eloquent or thought provoking here?

What I have been wanting to say is that I'm not having the smoothest of transitions to this new life of mine. It's been a HUGE adjustment not having my husband home everyday, for one. How I miss the day not too long ago that I could run out and get a pedicure, on a weekday, because my husband was home. I've been a very spoiled mommy. Now, it's all Ava, all the time. Which is great but would be better if I knew what to do with her all day. At home (yes, I'm still referring to Chicago as home), I could throw Ava in the stroller and take a walk. I didn't need a destination, I could just go walking. Here, the lack of sidewalks around our place makes that a bit difficult.

I'm also not used to driving everywhere. Now, unless I want to go somewhere within the apartment community, I'm getting in the car to do so. I know suburban life is different than city life but man, I miss living in the city.

I've been trying to make the best of it, I really have. It seems like everyday I wake up with the intentions of enjoying our new community and everyday something pisses me and I end up on the verge of tears, cursing the fact that we had to move here.

I'm not pretending I was super happy about moving to Chicago when I moved there either. It took time for me to love that city (well, I didn't dislike the city so much when I first moved there as I did the people I first met there, but that is another story for another day). I know it'll take some more time for us to get acclimated here and for me to meet some people. Right now I just have to be patient and give it time (and other stupide cliches like that, blah blah blah).

But that understanding and rational thinking hasn't stopped me from counting down the days until I'm in Chicago next. Eight more days!


Nick Murray said...

Again I will say blogging is good. Well, any kind of expression is good. Love it! Keep going. (using my alias)

CaraBee said...

You'll get used to it. The hopping in the car business will become second nature. Look for moms groups to get involved in, they will make a huge difference. Also, try Gymboree (or the like), swim lessons, etc. They'll get you out of the house. I still don't know what I do all day with Sophie, but somehow the time flies by.

Bailey said...

There's no Gymboree here! I looked. There are the stores, but no classes. I've told Fredo we should open a Gymboree franchise, you know if he likes making money hand over fist. I mean $88 a month! Hoo, apparently the mere mention of Gymboree makes me go off on a rant.

prashant said...

Love it! Keep going
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