Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We've been here a few weeks and I've gotten a decent look at a few of my neighbors. Everyone seems to keep to themselves here but I've spied a glimpse of my closest neighbors. And what a bunch they are.

The way this apartment "community" (I don't like saying complex, as I feel it doesn't accurately describe this place) is divided is into groupings of 3 town homes per building. We're on one end, which means in addition to our tiny, tiny, tiny back yard, we also have a decent side yard.

To our immediate right is a family. I haven't seem them too much but I know there is a budding guitarist in the family, a toddler (maybe also the guitarist?) and someone who showers at night. Hey, we share a wall and I go to bed early. I hear things.

On the other side of them is a family we call "The Pack Rats". Every weekend since we have been here, they have had their garage door open. It is packed with crap. Boxes and boxes stacked to the ceiling and old sleds and wire shelves and...just crap. At first we hoped they were moving but it seems like they were just moving stuff around. They've moved some stuff, like the sled and wire shelves, out to their side yard, where it has stayed for over a week. We do know that they drive an older Jeep Grand Cherokee. I know this because it is always parked in their driveway as there is no room for it in their garage. (On a side note, after seeing their garage, we vowed to keep our crap to a minimum so that we would always be able to park both cars indoors, in the garage, the way God and nature intended).

Across our side yard is a couple we now refer to as WT Haircut. WT is our code for "white trash". The hair cut is, well, because one night I looked outside and the couple was sitting out on their patio and the woman was giving the man a haircut. Outside. They may be the classiest, nicest couple in the world but they will always be WT Haircut to me.

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-R- said...

The family that lives a few houses down from us, in a two-story house with a three-car garage, also has a garage so full of junk that they have to park in the driveway. How can they possibly have so much stuff?!

I love the WT Haircut couple. That's too funny.