Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hornets Nest

I've been laughing all day about this which of course means, it's only funny to me.

The back story:

Yesterday I discovered a HUGE hornet's (or wasps or yellow jackets) nest. This thing is easily the size of a football. A picture would really do this story justice but it's dark and I'm scared of being stung. So anyway, I was outside with Ava and the dog yesterday, just killing time until Fredo got home, when I happened to look up and discover the reason we've had so many stingy things flying around our patio. I immediately went inside and called the management company to tell them we had a stingy thing nest on the side of our house. They said they would come out today to look at it.

This morning I got Ava up from her nap and was heading downstairs to give her lunch when I noticed 2 guys in the yard looking up into a tree. I went outside and asked if they were there to take care of the nest. I pointed them in the right direction and said I was going back in the house. As I was closing the door I hear, "Holy...".

Um... granted I didn't say "huge nest" when I called but... they showed up with a can of hornet spray each.

As I was getting Ava's lunch together and chuckling to myself at the thought of these two guys trying to take down that massive nest with 2 cans of spray, the doorbell rings. It was the maintenance guys to tell me that rather than spray the stuff and run (his words), pest control would be in this afternoon or tomorrow.


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-R- said...

At least they're going to take care of it! That's too funny.

H found a wasp nest by our garage yesterday, so he got in the car, stuck a broom handle out the window, knocked down the nest, threw the broom into the yard, and rolled up his window and drove away. He is so weird.