Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Chair Fiasco

When we were looking at apartments and floor plans and picturing our furniture fitting in said apartments and floor plans, we decided we needed more furniture. Our living room in Chicago was pretty small and there was only room for a couch and a small chair. When we moved we decided that the small chair from the old living room would move to our bedroom and we would get a new living room chair. Actually, we had decided on a pair of chairs but when we actually got here, we realized the floor plan looked bigger than the living room actually was and so only one chair would fit. Since we were only getting one chair, we had enough Target gift cards (yup, I buy furniture at Target) to get the chair IMMEDIATELY and we wouldn't have to wait!
Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Someone...uh, me... was so excited about ordering the damn chair. I typed in the gift card numbers and accesses numbers so carefully and pressed the "submit order" button and was so psyched about my new chair.
Until the next day, when the order shipped email came and I notice that I sent it to the wrong address. Like, the apartment that I just vacated...in Chicago...when I now live in Minnesota. Ugh. The instant I realized my mistake, I called Target. I acknowledged that it was fully my fault and that I was an idiot and sent the chair to my old address. See, I'm an expert online shopper. I have shopped on Amazon/Target so many times that my info is stored. And while I was so careful to enter the gift card numbers carefully, I totally forgot that my shipping information, rather, my old shipping info, was stored.
By the way people, before I was a stay at home mom, I worked for a freight broker. You know, in SHIPPING. I think my former company should be glad I no longer work for them.
Anyway, the Target person told me to contact UPS and do a delivery intercept. I've seen the UPS commercials and remember this being the subject of one of their commercials. "Sweet", I thought, "This should be easy".
Ha ha, think again. I called UPS and was told they couldn't do anything for me until a tracking number was available. "Fine", I said, "I'll call you tomorrow".
I called the next day and was told that nothing could be done until a delivery attempt had been made and if the website shows delivered, then I would need to called the delivery terminal and they would send someone out to pick it back up.
The next day, the website showed a delivery attempt had been made and that the receiver no longer lived at that address. Um, duh, I've been telling you that for days. I called UPS AGAIN and was told the receiver can no longer do delivery intercepts, only the shipper can. And then I lost my shit.
Long story short, the chair ended up being sent back to Target! They sent me 2 gift cards for the exact amount for the chair. I received the second one today and ordered the chair again, except this time I ordered a different fabric.
The first time I ordered:
This time I ordered:
What do you think? Our living is tan and our furniture is very tan. When I showed my husband the two, his reaction to the first one was, "That was the chair we ordered?".

Chair #2 is on it's way. I guess it worked out for the better, since I think I like the 2nd chair better anyhow.

**Sorry for the big ol' chunk of text. Blogger doesn't like my paragraphs**


CaraBee said...

It is impossible to reroute something. It shouldn't be, but it is. Aren't computers and all this technology supposed to make things easier?

I love the chairs!

PS - Nothing wrong with ordering furniture from Target.

Bailey said...

I wish I could quit Target but I can't.